الجمعة، 24 ديسمبر 2010

Midterms period what happens and how i deal with it :)

when my midterms became neaar two or one week remain ..... the stress started what should we do ??

first i have to know the material of the exam which chapters and i have to check if i understand it very well :)

some researches i did and i discovered that i have to read the material at least 3 times before the exam , first reading is only reading with high lighting the important points and expecting questions that might be in exam ... the second reading is like our regular studying , solving problems and reading with full concentration after this reading step you can ask your prof. if you have any question or you find difficulty in any point.... the third reading is mainly the revising step.. checking every thing.

i think this method of studying give the student the chance to reduce the stress and understand the material very well :)

personally, i don't use this method now but i will start using it in my next midterms and finals and i will give u the results ... and i'm sure it well be very positive results :)))

some times when i take bad grade i remember rashed almajed song "ma bnkser saber" looooool it give me the hope  looool  

finally this is some of my rapid ideas about being ready for exams and some of my experiences 
and hope u share ur experiences with me :))

:))))))) :)))))))

الخميس، 9 ديسمبر 2010

Three main events this week

1#event :  is my 22nd birthday yaaay :))

 2# event : Kuwait won football arabian gulf cup for the 10th time sooo all this week the streets was closed ,people celebrate and many concerts happens because of that (( mabrok for Kuwait )).

finally 3# event : new islamic year 1431

the flowers way intro


i starting this blog to share my ideas, thoughts, events any thing useful and important in my life with you people so hope you get benefit from it  :)